WordPress, the software let’s you know when you need to update it, the Plugins and the themes.  It does this by the arrows at the top of the dashboard when you log in and by displaying a message on the dashboard.


  1. Click on either the link WordPress X.X.X is available! Please update now. or the arrows at the top.  This takes you to the update page.
  2. Click on the blue button “Update Now”.  Wordpress will now update.
  3. Update Plugins
    You then need to update the Plugins.  Scroll down the Update page, put a tick in the Select All box (so all the Plugins are selected and press Update Plugins button.
  4. Update Themes
    Lastly, scroll down and do the same for Themes.  Select All and press the Update Themes button.

And that’s it – your website is up to date!


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