Recent History

Over the past 5 years, I have been working with a company providing educational software to schools in the UK.

The company has gone from an unknown provider to one of the, if not the, market leaders in it’s type.

Using “out of the box” marketing, along with more traditional direct approach, the company has crossed the chasm.

As the company now grows into the next stage of it’s life, it is time for me to leave and so I am looking for my next adventure.

Before then…

So what about before? How did I get into sales and marketing?

I started off in the waste industry. I’ve run busy household waste sites, managed a fleet of vehicles and lots of staff.

During my time, I became more and more involved in sales. I was involved in tendering for large business accounts, being the ‘face of operations’. As the Sales Director said, I was the one who kept his promises.

When I decided to leave the waste industry, I started to think more about sales and marketing. I’m a bit of a geek, so I read books, took courses and started to implement what I had learnt.

I’d had my second child and faced a challenge about how to financially look after my kids. I took a deep breath and started offering sales and marketing to local businesses, designed and created websites.

It was during this time that I ran a single Facebook advert. I spent £100 and landed Dyslexia Gold as my client, amongst others. The return on that £100 has been phenomenal.

Since then, I’ve been using my skills to help grow businesses. Some are large now, like Dyslexia Gold, others are large enough, like the beauty therapist who is now charging the highest fees in her area and is fully booked.

And when I’m not working?

You’ll find me on the water, I might be on a paddle board, kayak, sea kayak or canoe. I love paddlesports, it’s a real passion of mine and I’m training to become a coach.

If the weather’s too rough, which happens, you’ll find me playing board games or trying to complete an escape room. Or curled up on the sofa with a book.